How to remove your tape hair extensions

Lately we have all been trying to get to a “new normal”.  I’ve been thinking about how many of you must have tape in extensions, and wanted to help you with an easy way to get them out.  In the video below I explain how to remove your tape in hair extensions yourself at home.


I know that most of you would much prefer to remove your hair extensions at the salon, but since we don’t quite know when things will be up and running again, removing them at home could be your best option.  If you keep your hair extensions in for too long, you run the risk of damaging and pulling out your hair.  Since most women wear extensions to increase the health of their hair, I know the last thing that you would want is to cause any damage.

When removing your extensions it’s important to be gentle.  No matter what you do, don’t force an extension out of your hair.  they should slide out easily once you have applied enough oil to break the adhesive bond.  This may take more than one application with oil.  I would use a brush, and be ready to spend time on the removal process.  At the hair salon we book a large duration of time to remove hair extensions because we know that the removal is just as important as the application.

How to remove your tape in hair extensions is such a great thing to know!  Stay healthy and beautiful!  


xo Megan


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Excellent advice from a true professional

Elaine Maitland May 16, 2020

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