Best air filter for allergies

Jaspr Air PurifierOver the past 6 years, I have found myself purchasing more hepa filters than I ever dreamed I would own.  Initially, after a mold exposure I bought a brand that looked really good.  It was better than nothing, but it did not move and clean the air fast enough for my needs.  I did my best with my early purchases and bought several of these (Rabbit Air) , as well as two IQ Airs, and an Air Oasis.

Overall, out of all of these units, I was the happiest with the IQ Air filter.  It worked very well, and provided a good air exchange (I do in fact still have an Iq Air in my bedroom, because it is fairly loud so I use it for white noise.  We actually turn it off at night because it is challenging to hear the tv through the noise.  I also find it to look very industrial and unattractive, and call me shallow....but it ruins the look of my home.  I need very clean air that is as free from toxins, dust and dander as possible.  That said, I also value a home that is sleek and aesthetically pleasing. 

I bought my original units to deal with a rental apartment that I lived in many years ago that developed mold due to a flood.  After we moved out of that apartment, I was advised by my doctor to start fresh with new hepa filters for our new home.  I am so sensitive to mold, that we did not want to risk a small exposure that could come from the inner workings of the air purifier.

Of course this was disappointing, because Air filters for mold (good ones) are quite expensive.  But I took it as an opportunity to find the best filter for allergies.  We had a building biologist come out to test our new home, and he told me about the Jaspr indoor air cleaning machine.  At first I was skeptical and cautious about buying a new brand of air filter.  The 30 day money back guarantee made me feel more confident in our purchase.

Some of my favorite things about the Jaspr:

    • Clean air and looks great aesthetically
    • Catches pet dander, dust, mold, bacteria and viruses
    • Covers up to 1600 square feet with one Jasper
    • Incredibly quiet
    • Touch display with air quality monitoring 
    • Lifetime warrenty
    • Free shipping
    • Eliminates odors

My husband may have been even more thrilled with the Jaspr than I was.  After we used the first one that we ordered for a few days, he got online and ordered a second one.  Indoor air quality tends to be about 5x as bad as outdoor air.  Whether it is dust, VOC's, Wildfires, odors or mold....improving our indoor air quality is vital for our health and quality of life.  

I reached out to Jaspr Air, and they wer generous enough to provide me with a 200 off coupon code.  Use Megan200 at checkout to receive the discount.

Stay healthy and stay beautiful!


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