Hanacure Mask

I'm not that person that tries every new beauty product out there and has three shoeboxes teeming with unused product.  I always have to hear from a few people that I know that they tried something, and it really worked for them.  One of my favorite clients at the salon was raving about the Hanacure mask at length, so I finally decided to buy it to see what all the fuss was about.  

When the Hanacure mask set arrived, I was impressed with the packaging.  I swoon over clean, white packaging.  It's like it was made for my home.  Simple and pretty.  I ordered a four pack of masks to start.  The set includes 4 vials of liquid, plus 4 packs of gel and a brush with which to apply.  The sealing of each glass vial was more secure than I had anticipated, and has to be opened with caution.  The seal around the vial is metal which seems like it could be switched out to a less treacherous option.

I had read that there was so much mask in each dose that some people were sealing off the vials and using the rest within the week.  I chose to use the entire amount of the face mask,  and to apply the product to my face and chest as well.  Have you ever seem someone that spent lots of time and money on heir face to keep it young, but neglected skin care and protection on heir chest?  It's not a good look.  Applying to both areas is important if you want your face and neck to look like they "match".

After applying the Hanacure mask it was a strange sensation.  Little by little I felt the mask tightening up until I could barely move my face.  I would suggest keeping a straw around if you'd like to drink water etc.  My face looked....very strange.  I softened up the mask with one of my beautiful, black make up towels, and gently removed it.

My face was very red for about 20 minutes, and then calmed down and had a very glassy and fresh look.  The look I usually get right after an expensive facial at my favorite skincare spot.  The first time I used the mask I noticed small changes, but to notice more changes, I had to consistently use the mask 1x per week for 4 weeks in a row.  Each mask costs about 25 dollars so it is not a budget mask, but the results rival 250 dollar facial without the time and travel.  If you'd like to try the Hanacure Face Mask, use my Hanacure discount code for 20 dollars off your purchase of 100 dollars or more.

Please let me know in the comments below if you've tried this mask!

Stay healthy and beautiful!


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