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Recently, I did a Youtube video about how I make money online.  I had always wondered exactly how people do it, and it took me some time to figure it out.  I have learned so many interesting things since I started the process, and now make at least 5,000 dollars online.  I'm still ramping up my online income, but wanted to share 5 ways to make money online 2022.  It seems like making money is a taboo subject, but why should it be?  It makes a huge difference in out financial freedom and quality of life.  I hope that my sharing this info gives you more confidence to pursue your online endeavors.

1.  Sell merchandise on Amazon FBA.  This is a fairly easy way to make money online.  There are many ways to sell on Amazon.  You could sell a product that already exists, or private label your own product.  Amazon stores and ships the merchandise for you which makes it so simple.  I sell an extremely popular product here called The Little Black Towel.  A bleach resistant makeup towel.

2.  Monetize a YouTube channel.  To monetize a YouTube Channel you need to have 1000 followers and 4000 hours of watch time.  Ads run on your Youtube wile people are watching your videos, and you get paid a percentage of the ad revenue.  Beyond the money you are paid for the ads, you can also direct people to other places through your links.  This option just take quite a bit of work to achieve, but the benefits are well worth it.

3.  Become an affilaite for brands that you love.  Amazon has an affilate program that is excellent.  So many people are already on Amazon so it is very easy to share products from Amazon and have people purchase them.  There are also large websites like CJ Affiliate and Share a Sale that host many different brands.  Note:  I was rejected by several large brands that I applied to at first.  I simply contacted them with more information about why I was a good fit, and was later approved for their programs.  Don't give up!

4.  Work with a network marketing site.  I work with hugh & grace, a clean beauty brand that I love.  I earn income in several ways.  By selling their product in my store, through a custom website link that I share, and by signing up members whom I mentor as they grow their own successful businesses.  I love the freedom and limitless possibilities that hugh & grace gives me.  Click here to learn more about joining my team.  Click here if you'd like to shop hugh & grace products.

5.  My online store.  I have an online shop (where this blog is) and I make money from the sales which take place on my site.  My branded products that I manufacture are on this site, as well as my curated clean beauty products.

Please let me know in the comments below if you are already using any of these strategies to make money online.  It is such a fun an easy way to make money, and create your dream life.  Stay healthy and beautiful!  Megan


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