Best Night Serum

Do you remember being a teenager and barely washing your face?  Yet somehow waking up looking refreshed no matter what you did the day before.  At this point I barely do.  I'll be honest, at 45 my nightly routine has at times become extensive.

Over time, as I untangled some auto-immune health problems I began to realize that some of the things that I was doing to look better we actually making me look worse.  So many of the creams and potions that are in our medicine cabinets are full of chemicals, synthetic fragrance and hormone disrupters.  This used to all seem so unimportant to me, until I was personally affected by it.  Now, I'd rather not hydrate my face than to use the products which are so commonly available.

Some of the best products that I have found in my research have actually been clean beauty products.  Originally I had such low expectations for them, but as it turns out they are better for you, and they work so much better for you.  The best night serum I have used is the Hugh and Grace night serum .  It glides on so smoothly, and by morning I look refreshed and my skin is soothed.

best night serum

That is all I do now for m night routine. Cleanse, and apply night serum.  I hardly know what to do with myself now. 


Stay healthy and stay beautiful!



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