What would you do if you could not fail?

Things often start out exactly the way that they are supposed to be.  As children, we think about our dreams and openly talk about what we want.  No one seems to tell us that we shouldn't have these hopes and dreams, and it's widely accepted that kids should reach for the stars.

What if you could not fail

Age 4.  I could not fail.

With every passing year people get protective.  I remember telling people my goals as a teenager and having people tell me to be more realistic and to get my head out of the clouds.  The more that we hear these negative and limiting things, the more that we feel shackled and forget how much we really can do.'

What would you do if you could not fail?  Is it possible that the way we started, early in life was actually the way that we were meant to be, and the tiny little box that we get cornered into was never meant to be the way that we live?

Lately I've been thinking about everything in my life in a completely different order.  If I think about those childlike dreams and what my heart wants to do, I can either feel excited....or overwhelmed.  When I think about why....I feel happy, and know they exact answer for what I need to do.  When I think about how (as my first step) I feel completely frozen and somehow doubt that I will ever be able to achieve my lofty dreams. 

There is a certain threshold in our lives that we reach, and you can feel that just pass that space is something beautiful, rare and amazing.  Stepping over it takes everything that you've got though.  Maybe that's why so many people live a life of what's expected, and rarely do what they truly want?  The discomfort, newness and changing nature of the step takes every bit of faith you have.  It would be easier to do what is comfortable and familiar, but there is so much more waiting when you lean into the discomfort and live like you were meant to live as a child.

I'm focusing, dreaming, taking action and living with faith.  Every time I get frightened, I change my thoughts back to what I want.  There's only beauty, and endless possibilities in those places.  If one plan fails, or even if five plans fail....I'll find a way that works.

Stay healthy and beautiful, and follow your dreams.


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