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Diamancel Flexible Nail File


The most effective, eco friendly and high quality nail file I've used.  Shapes nails gently and flawlessly every time.  I leave one in each of my purses, as well as my toiletry case.

The flexible medium grain mini diamond nail file is the perfect ally for your handbag! Practical and compact , you can use it everywhere to give your nails the most precise finish every day. Robust and safe thanks to its non-cutting edges, the mini nail file from Diamancel is intended for people with natural nails of medium thickness. It can also be used by professionals in the field of beauty, to shape the sculpted nails of their clients on the go. Its practical size will allow you to have it on hand for any occasion. 

Diamancel files are most effective when clean. Clean them regularly with soapy water and a soft brush, then rinse them with water.


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