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Blue 3 ply Disposable Surgical Face Mask pack of 50 In stock now


Keep everyone that you love safe with these disposable surgical face/ medical masks.

  • blue
  • 3 ply medical grade mask
  • disposable
  • comfortable elastic ear loops
  • adjustable nose wire
  • adult size
  • low breathing resistance
  • lightweight
  • pack of 50 masks

Masks are not returnable. For every 10 packages sold, masks will be donated to medical workers.  Not available in pink.  These masks are comfortable, lightweight and adult size.

"I've been wearing masks for years, as I suffer from an auto-immune disease and have to work closely with clients.  On the occasion my clients come to their hair appointment and are sick (which is a big no-no by the way), I ask them to wear a mask just as they would if they were at the dr's office. I also wear a mask when I am cleaning as I am allergic to dust.  A friend of mine from Vietnam told me that it is considered polite in Asian countries to wear a mask when sick.  I hope that we will adopt this habit in the US.  As someone with a compromised immune system, a simple cold can be much more serious for me (and others who have compromised immune systems) than the average person."  -Megan Graham

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