The Original Makeup Eraser

Before I tried the original makeup eraser I wondered if there was any possible way that it would live up to the hype.  I had heard so much about it is, and I was curious.  It seems like every other week I'm seeing a beauty product that is touted as working miracles, but they usually don't work as claimed.

The original makeup eraser is a microfiber cloth that removes 100 percent of your makeup, using water alone.  It does everything that a makeup wipe would do...just without the yucky residue, and waste.  No more throwing away hundreds of makeup wipes, because you can simply wash and reuse your makeup eraser for years to come.  No waste, no need to buy wipes or face cleansers, and makeup comes off very easily.

  • antibacterial
  • saves money
  • lasts 3-5 years
  • machine washable
  • exfoliating
  • great for sensitive skin
  • no chemicals

 Stay healthy and beautiful!


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