How to look great on Zoom

It's almost hard for me to remember a time before Zoom.  Before all of the shutdowns and general upset that we had with our health crisis this Spring, I barely gave video calls a second thought.  After countless calls with clients this year, I realized that may people do not understand the fundamentals of flattering lighting, camera angles and makeup that are second nature to me.  My experience in front of the camera for fitness modeling, on camera interviews and filming for Youtube has given me some tips and tricks for looking professional (and like myself) on Zoom, Skype, Facetime, Instagram live and Google hangouts.

Since so many of us have been doing business, learning, and much of our social time via video calls, I wanted to bring some simple techniques to you for how to look great on Zoom.

1.  Lighting- One of the most important things you'll need to look great on Zoom is flattering light.  To look your best, have a light source that is positioned in front of you.  If the light is behind you, you'' be difficult to see and will look like a silhouette. If the light is overhead, your flaws will be magnified and you may even look a bit like a ghoul.  Most likely not your desired effect, so avoid overhead light.

2. Camera Angle- Only second to lighting is the angle at which you shoot your video call.  Avoid shooting from below, it's the most unflattering shot you could possibly capture.  Aim to position the lens of your camera to be even with your hairline and slightly pointing down.  If you need to, you can prop your laptop up higher on some boxes or books.  Make sure it's secure though, nothing is worth dropping your laptop.   Not even to make a more flattering video call.

3.  Background- Make your background neat.  Before starting your call, take a minute to check out what the room looks like, and edit out any things you can do without.  Please don't skip this step, because a messy background is a major distraction and will make your video call less professional.

4.  Take a few minutes to make your hair and makeup look good.  Even if you just do a bit of tinted moisturizer, mascara and lip gloss you'll look so much better.  Brush your hair, and at the very least style the front and top. (It's what people see).

This video has a demonstration of lighting, camera angles and other things that will make you feel like a pro when you use Zoom.  Watch and learn to look your best!  Stay healthy and beautiful !


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